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First way is right here. Come by once a month and click on the show thats on top of this page!


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Radio Show for Members
One way
I have to help folks is for them to Listen to my radio shows to get your questions answered. My main show is on every sat at 12 noon pst and is called Invisible Gardener Radio and is for members only. Once you join, you will be given a link that allows you to sign up to receive my members shows every week in your email. You also can listen thru your Itunes or other devices.

Second Way
My free public show is called Don't Panic Its Organic ® and also onnow on Sound Cloud!You have the choice of which method you want to listen to the show. The Free Radio show is done once a month while the members is every week. There are over 100 past shows you can access for free ( On TalkShoe). As a member, you can call in and talk with me live on the air with The Invisible Gardener or if your shy, you can email me and I will answer your questions over the air! I never mention last names only first names and location.

I am available to anyone that is a member and wants to either chat with me or talk via call in phone lines. Now you can use VOIP and call from any where in the world for free. I have monthly contests as well as surprise guests so think about joining (members get the radio shows free as part of their membership) to receive the radio shows in the email. You will get the shows link emailed as soon as they are done. You can then listen on your computer, or itunes etc. You can send in your questions via email and I will answer it on the next show!


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Any tech or membership questions call my office 310-457-4438


Not a Member?

You can subscribe for free to my general public monthly radio shows. Once you start getting the shows, you listen for the email to write to, send in your questions and I will answer on the next show!

now you can also listen to me on Sound Cloud!

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Then if you like you can join and subscribe to get the latest shows.


Listen to every show and email in your questions and hear the answers LIVE on the air!


Invisible Gardener Dont Panic Its Organic Radio Show Contest

Listen to the radio show to find out how you can get the current radio show special $200 prize.
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Here are some shows that are currently available for free in The Invisible Gardeners Radio show Library:

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non flash below.... 

Dances with Ants

Gopher 101

Fruit Tree

One of my Dont Panic Its Organic Gardens

Invisible Gardener's Organic Gardening Radio shows cover all aspects of growing vegetable , fruits, laws, roses, everything organic. Listners and members email or call into show!

Got Questions?

  • You can get answers to your questions in several ways:

  • You can buy my ebooks

  • You can subscribe to receive my free general public monthly radio shows, listen , get the email and email in your question, listen to the next show for your answer!

  • or

  • You can join, which gets you access to Members Only Radio Shows. Members can either email me their questions or make an appointment to talk to me Live on the air!

  • Members also get access to Members Website, where they can access all my ebooks free as well as you will get access to Ask Andy Forums, Special discounts of Superseaweed, Rock Dust.

  • Everyone that sends in their email questions will get entered into our monthly drawings for prizes.

Andy Lopez

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