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Don't Panic, It's Organic! 

Ants in your pants?

R U Tired of using chemicals in your home and garden?

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Dont Panic It's Organic!


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 Andy Lopez grew up in Puerto Rico where his mother first introduced him to the use of Organics. She grew her own fruits and vegetables using natural concoctions to control pests and enhance soil fertility and plant growth. This exposure to organic gardening techniques laid the foundation of Andy's philosophy. In 1970, after serving 2 years in the US Navy, Andy entered the University of Florida, in Gainesville and he now has a BS degree in Business from the University of Phoenix.

 Many of the gardening techniques taught in schools encouraged chemical use. Andy noticed that the natural concoctions he had grown up with worked just as well, in fact better, because they added nutrients to the soil and did not disrupt the fine chain of life that Mother Nature so delicately put into place. He noted that weak plants were most attacked by pests, so it was up to the astute gardener to strengthen the plants and soil with nutrients not inundate them with chemical pesticides and herbicides.


Andy began to experiment and improve upon the natural concoctions his mother had used incorporating ingredients from all over the world. He used these products on gardens of clients with astonishing results. He got the nickname "The Invisible Gardener" doing his gardening work at night while attended University of Florida.  Andy explains, he is not the “Invisible Gardener” at all--Nature is, “I am just one of her helpers”.  In 1972, he founded The Invisible Gardener Inc. with the intention of providing alternatives to chemical products used in the home and garden and thus make an impact on the world's environmental problems. With a common sense approach and an endless enthusiasm, he champions the wisdom of Mother Nature through a variety of educational programs, books and media.


With the emerging awareness of Organics throughout the 70's and 80's, Andy Lopez became recognized and respected as an expert in the field. Consequently, Andy was invited to serve on the Board of Directors of The Horticultural Society of Florida, The Rare Fruit Council and the South Florida Rose Society and acted as a consultant to the Department of Agriculture. A dynamic speaker, he is regularly asked to address organizations such as the World Health Organization, Sustainable Agricultural Committee, the Cancer Society and various state horticultural societies and public interest groups.


In 1975, Andy taught Organic Horticulture at the Miami Dade Community College Environmental Center and formed the Organic Growers Club, a national organization devoted to healing the Earth. Eager to reach more people, he turned to radio and for several years hosted “Talks With The Invisible Gardener".  Another radio show was broadcast world wide via satellite on the USA Patriot Network. Andy has made his appearance on national television and was a guest of the ABC Home Show and PBS New Garden series.  

Over the last 2 decades, Andy's expertise has become world renown. He has been featured in journals and publications such as Sunset Magazine, Southern California Home and Garden, The Miami Herald, the Los Angeles Times and Eco-Farm and frequently publishes articles in Organic Gardening, Horticultural Digest and Acres, USA. His books, including The Organic Gardener's Manual, The Organic Home and Gardening guide (How To Heal The Earth in Your Spare Time), The Crystal Gardener, People's Yellow Pages of Florida, the New Age Travelers Guide and his latest book, Natural Pest Control (Alternatives to Chemicals for the Home and Garden) have found wide-spread appeal with farmers, horticulturists and home gardeners. He has several radio shows. you can find his last 200 shows for your to you to download and or listen to.

Members only or subscribed get the LIVE shows.

Subscription info Andy's Radio Shows

Current Radio shows are on Talkshoe.com Dont Paic Its Organic, Whats in your Garden, Organi Gardening Audio Books,. Just search formInvisible Gardener.

Members and Subscribed Listen to him live on sat mornings 12 noon. Members are weekly, free general public are monthly.

Andy's organization, Club IG, is a membership club that now is over 8,000 strong (1000 on internet). As a member, one receives such benefits as unlimited phone consultation time, on-line help on pest control problems and composting, information on where to get products and services anywhere in the world and a newsy semi-annual newsletter. As Andy tirelessly educates people from all walks of life, he is becoming somewhat legendary.

As Acres, USA remarked, "He calls himself the Invisible Gardener, but this is an alias. He is really Andrew Lopez.. . like a youthful Abe Lincoln, full of homespun wisdom." 

For further information, please contact the Invisible Gardener’s office (310) 457-4438 or e-mail us at: andy at invisiblegardener dot com. Additional information, including numerous photographs, are available upon request.



The Invisible Gardener offers a wide variety of resources to help you understand and maintain the balancing act needed to manage your garden environment. I invite you to come explore and learn from my experience and see how the secret to a natural garden is a solid understanding of how all the factors interact & work with each other.

Web Site

The best place to start accessing the Invisible Gardener’s resources is to visit the web-site:


Here you can get access to Andy’s database of knowledge & experience, ask questions, buy his special blends of fertilizers and rock dust, link to his radio program & video content, and see what services he provides.
The website also offers memberships into ClubIG™. Access the following link to see what benefits membership has to offer:


Radio Show
Andy broadcasts a member’s only live radio show every Saturday at 12 noon PST. It is called “Invisible Gardener Radio”. Members can call into the show and talk live with Andy.
Non-members may still get access to many past shows Called Dont Pain Its Organic via the following link:


Currently all his Ebooks are 99 cents!
This EBook is one of a series that as a set, addresses all the issues you can expect to encounter as a serious organic gardener. The complete set is intended to be a handy gardener’s guide and includes the following titles:

• The Bug Free Bed
• Organic Gardening – Compost it!
• Don’t Panic, it’s Organic
• Natural Cockroach Control
• Natural Flea & Tick Control
• Natural Fruit Tree Care
• Natural Lawn Care
• Natural Snail Control
• Natural Spider Control
• Natural Termite Control
• Natural Tree Care
• Organic Rose Care
• Rock Dust
• Natural Pest Control
• Natural Disease Control
• Natural Disease Control Chart
• Organic Gardener’s Guide
• and of course – Dances with Ants

Access to all the ebooks can be found at the following link:


A regular feature of the website is the Invisible Gardener’s “Webcast of the Week”. You can access this via the following link:



Invisible Gardener Direct Purchase

Besides the EBooks you can purchase products manufactured by the Invisible Gardener. He offers a seaweed based fertilizer known as SuperSeaweed® which is blended from several varieties of seaweed, enzymes, and his own special rock dust mixture, and allowed to cook for several months. There is no external heat involved and the process is very much like making yogurt.
The special rock dust blend is also available for purchase. This is a proprietary blend of different rock dusts with an assortment of bacteria sources. It makes a wonderful bacteria/mineral spray and when mixed dry with the soil in your raised beds, acts as a recharger.
Access direct purchase products via:


Invisible Gardener Approved

The website has a link to an Amazon Online Store. Here you can see a catalog of gardening and home products that the Invisible Gardener qualifies as being natural and organic and therefore recommends for use in your home and garden. If you need to know if that product you see at your local supply store can be trusted to provide a “natural” and/or “organic” solution, consult this list.


Happy Growing Organically of Course!
andy Lopez
Invisible Gardener


wfind out what i do with this in the garden

find out what I do with this stuff in the garden

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