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About  Invisible Gardeners Club IG

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If you like what you hear, you should think about joining Club  IG and get access to Club members only radio shows, access to members only website (online classes for members only) and start getting the help you need with your pest control and gardening problems by being able to talk with an organic expert. The Invisible Gardener provides online classes via its radio shows. You can call him and talk directly with him from any where in the world. Members get a new "Class" every week. Members also get the Audio book series in which he reads each book and discuses them in detail with comments. Members can send email with questions on the book which he then answers on the radio shows. The Invisible Gardener also provides forums for the Online classes for members only.


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Don't Panic, It's Organic!©

Invisible Gardeners of America (now called ClubIG)  was started by Andy Lopez (The Invisible Gardener) in 1972 as part of a school he started known as The Living Institute of Survival Technology©  or The LIST. The school is now available via Online Classes thru his radio shows and members only forums.

Since 1972, Andy has help people understand Natural Pest Control methods, Composting, Rock Dust, Organic Gardening and much more! He has been seen on National TV from PBS The New Garden Show to ABC Home Show. He has been heard on radio since 1972 on one radio station or another. On KPFK from 1986 to 1995 and is a guest on many radio across the country.

He also has his own radio shows. Company History and Philosophy Andy started Invisible Gardeners as a way to help more people than he could physically visit with. Since 1972, over 8,000 people have joined IG. New regular $55/$35 lifetime members receive free  the latest version of his ebooks, as well as "Natural Pest Control "   which is revised every year as an EBook. Members get all of his ebooks free as part of membership! Members can always upgrade their ebooks to latest version free. Online Classes are avaiable to members only.


Check out his latest EBooks that you will get Free as a new member

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  •       Recently Club IG  members have been upgraded to a special internet lifetime membership. Members get free use on IG Website (free chapters from new book, online classes, etc.) Your membership is for lifetime so you will continue to be a Club IG  member and have access to website, Online newsletters, Organic Hot Line Access, Online Classes, etc. Lifetime membership is dependent on you. If you do not take advantage of the website and do not use it, we are not resposible if conditions change.



  •    Our Mission is simple to help people with the 6 H and 7 R as Developed by The Invisible Gardener by providing educational services to its members and general public.

    Promote Health

    Health of Soil
    Health of Plants
    Health of People
    Health of Insects
    Health of all Animals
    Health of the Earth


     Membership Benefits

When you join you get:

Free Access to The Invisible Gardener Via :

  1. Weekly Radio shows

  2. Members Radio shows (online classes) are weekly. We do have a free general public monthly radio show.

  3. Access to Members Ask Andy website

  4. Free Access to all of The Invisible Gardener's EBooks

  5. Free Phone consultations and Online classes via  The Organic Hot Line™, as well as free consultations via email, fax and many other ways to communicate with The Invisible Gardener.  (Online classes are for members only)

  6. Free Access to IG members only functions from natural pest control Ask Andy forum via online class sessions.

  7. Free Access to Digital PDF Newsletters which you can download and view from your computer. Included is PDF version of current book, available in separate chapters for easy downloading and off line viewing.

  8. Internet members can leave questions for Andy to answer via The Ask Andy Forum.

  9. Promotion of your organic products or services!
      if you have a product or service that you wish Club IG to tell others about, you must fist submit to us for approval. We will not approve anything that does not fall within our standards. See Green Pro membership

  •         We invite Individuals and Businesses to apply for IG  membership. Members must agree to  comply with all copyright laws as well as club rules, please goto IG Club Policies.    IG  Members agree not to disclose formulas, information as provided by The Invisible Gardener to the general public with out his written constant and with out providing full disclosure of source

i.e.. any article printed must have the following at end of article:

       This Information brought to you by:
        Andrew Lopez
        The Invisible Gardener©
        Invisible Gardeners Organization©
        All rights reserved.
        For more information contact:
        IG ,  P O Box 4311, Malibu Ca 90265
        or call 1-310-457-4438


    Joining Club IG 



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