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Who is Andy Lopez?


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Dont Panic Its Organic!

Andy Lopez The Invisible Gardener
Andy Lopez goes to work with vinegar, a bag of flour, garlic cloves, peppermint soap, and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. He may sound like a Cajun chef, but he's actually one of the worlds most respected organic gardeners. He uses these items as pesticides. As time passes, more and more so-called safe chemicals are outlawed, he says, after society has been used as a guinea pig. That's why Lopez promotes organic alternatives through books, tapes, lectures, and radio shows, and now through his web site.
" Peppermint soap is toxic to insects and ants", he explains. " It scrambles their senses and drives them away. I put Dr. Bronners ( a natural brand ) peppermint soap in water and spray it on plants and vegetables. It is also good for many diseases, but it has to be right concentration-about one tablespoon per gallon". Vinegar also works well in gardens. Many plants thrive on it as a nutritional supplement and quickly absorb it. When poured in a bowl, it also can attract and kill pests.

With each passing year there is a growing concern that synthetic pesticides are linked to some cancers and illnesses. A Denver-based study, for instance, published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that children whose yards were treated with herbicides and insecticides had four times the risk of a certain cancer-soft-tissue sarcoma. Fetuses exposed to home pest strips during the final three months of pregnancy had three times the normal rate of leukemia, and children exposed to them after birth ran twice the normal risk rate of leukemia, the study found.

Environmental Heroes
Kevin Graham and Gary Chandler

  "Just cover a bowl of vinegar with lettuce leaves and place it in your garden. Vinegar attracts snails and other creatures that are predators
by nature,"
Lopez says. "It's a good trap. If you're getting lots of the same type of pests, you probably have an infestation problem. If you're capturing a wide variety of pests, however, then your garden population probably is balanced, and that's usually a good sign. In this case, remove the bowl of vinegar. The key is balance."

This book is available from Pruett Publishing
ISBN 0-87108-866-5 $16.95
also available from your local book store
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About Andy.....
ANDREW LOPEZ, The Invisible Gardener, grew up in Puerto Rico where he was first introduced to the use of Organics by his mother who grew her own fruits and vegetables naturally. This exposure to organic gardening techniques laid the foundation of Andrew's philosophy and, in 1970, after serving 2 years in the U.S. Navy he entered the University of Florida, in Gainesville, and he currently has a B.S. degree from the University of Phoenix in Business. In 1972, He founded The Invisible Gardener, Inc. with the intention of making an impact on the world's environmental problems and to educate and provide alternatives to chemical products used in the home and the garden. With a common sense approach and an endless enthusiasm, he champions the wisdom of Mother Nature through educational programs.
With the emerging awareness of Organics and a growing respect for his expertise, Andy was invited to serve on the Board of Directors of The Horticultural Society of Florida, The Rare Fruit Council and acted as a consultant to the Department of Agriculture.


A dynamic speaker, he is regularly asked to address organizations such as the World Health Organization. In 1975, Andrew taught Organic Horticulture at the Miami Dade Community College Environmental Center and formed the Organic Growers Club, a national organization devoted to healing the Earth. Eager to reach more people, he turned to radio and for several years hosted Talks With The Invisible Gardener. He was heard on Health From The Ground Up on KPFK-FM. 90.7 every 3rd Monday 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Southern California from 1984 to 1994. He now has several radio shows. Since 1985, The Invisible Gardener, Inc. has been located in Malibu, California, phone 310-457-4438. Andrew has served over 200 clients and many are in the entertainment industry such as Martin Sheen, William Shatner, Eddie Albert. Max Call and Olivia Newton-John, to name a few of his past clients. He is also seen on PBS show “New Garden” with two current shows called Andy’s Ant Secrets and Organic Tree Care.
Mr. Lopez has been featured in journals and publications such as Sunset Magazine, Southern California Home And Garden, The Miami Herald, Acres USA, And Eco-Farm, Rodale’s newest gardening book and frequently publishes articles in Organic Gardening, Horticultural Digest and Acres, USA and on his website at . He started a world wide club called The Invisible Gardeners of America which currently has had over 8,000 members. He also operates IG’s On-Line Classes on his website. He has written several books, including The Organic Grower's Manual, The Organic Home And Gardening Guide ‘How To Heal The Earth In Your Spare Time’ and his latest book “ Natural Pest Control, Alternatives to Chemicals for the Home and Garden” Published in 1996 and updated regularly (latest version was printed Jan 2010).

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Dont Panic Its Organic!

dont panic its organic
Dont Panic Its Organic


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