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Green Pro Membership Information

Andy Lopez The Invisible Gardener

Andy Lopez works with organic gardening companies that provide their services a way for them to communicate directly with the general public. Andy first reviews any application to insure they meet his standards. Once they get his stamp of approval, he will create a page for them to offer their services or products. He does not charge anything extra for this, you pay only the regular membership fees. The regular membership fee is $55 lifetime. You will get a special membership classification as Green Pro member. You do not sign up with the same regular membership paypal, I will send you a seperate paypal link which you will get once approved.

Green Pro Members get:

  1. Regular appearances on his various radio shows:

Dont Panic Its Organic

Whats in your Garden

Invisible Gardeners members only as well as in general public radio show

2. Banner placement on

Like this one... (correct size)

worm farming secrets

3. Full Page on

Like this one

Worm Farming Secrets

4. Placements in his ebooks as appropiate.

5. Links in website as needed.

6. In every dept at top of page is

Click here to hear Andy talk about Earth worm farming on his radio show

it will point to the show that I interviewedyou on! Cool huh?

7. Your page will be on every page as shown with the Earth Worm Farming Secerets link at right.

8. You can post Invisible Gardener Approved on your website!

How to apply:

If you wish to become an Invisible Gardener Green Pro then you must first email me and tell me about yourself, company, provide a link to your site. I will visit and check it out. I may ask for you to send me some of your products for me to try for myself. I also love to read labels. If I approve I will then send you an email with the sign up link for you to sign up with. If not approved I will tell you why not.

Once you have become a member, I will ask you for a banner, for a full page of article or information.. I may choose to take directly from your website. I will set up a radio show date and a full page on this website.

I would appreciate this banner on your website.

Invisible gardener approved

I may be reached at my office or thru email if you have any questions.


andy lopez

Invisible Gardener




green pro membership if approved



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