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Green Pro Membership Approved....

Congradsulations you have been approved! You may now join The Invisible Gardeners ClubIG as a Green Pro member.....



Once you have become a member, I will ask you for a banner, for a full page of information.. I may choose to take directly from your website. I will set up a radio show date and a full page on this website. As soon as I get your payment, I will send you a link that lets you subscribe to my members only radio show. As soon as the payment goes thru and received, I will first send you a welcome email which will also have the radio show sign up link. Please sign up to get the email subscription to my members radio show. Once completed, you will then get an invitation to ClubIG Dont Panic Its Organic. Once you fill out the registration and have logged on, I will contact you thru the website as to what we must do next.

meanwhile place this banner along with its link on your website...

I would appreciate this banner on your website along with an email as to where it is.

Invisible gardener approved

I can be reached at my office or thru email if you have any questions.


andy lopez

Invisible Gardener





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