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The Invisible Gardener
Dont Panic Its Organic!® The Organic Portal to solutions to your Natural Ant Control, Natural Pest
Control, Organic Gardening Questions and much more! Listen to my radio shows or watch my how to videos. Andy Lopez The Invisible Gardener.

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Andy Lopez

Invisible Gardener

I was last here..... May 9, 2014

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Hey invisiblegardener.com

My name is Charles and I am a children's science teacher here in Philadelphia, PA. I came across and have been using http://www.invisiblegardener.com/link-trade-center.html a lot while teaching the kids about growing plants as part of a science project we are working on. I wanted to send you a quick email saying how helpful your site has been to us!

Two of our kids, Maria and Claire, did some research on their own and found this page http://topiarytree.net/blog/2012/11/18/outdoor-topiary-polyblend-material-for-outdoor-weather/ about growing topiary plants for their own project on gardening for small backyards.

I wanted to share this with you in case you wanted to also add it to your resources. I even told them I would reward them with extra credit if you were willing! They would be so excited to see you put it on your page with the other information they had used.

Please let me know if you are able and I will pass the exciting news along to them!

Thanks again
Charles Richard

Glow Babies -

Glow in the dark lights for home and garden uses. Just drill a hole and drop them in!

Lawn Mowing Services

Save time and money when searching for a local lawn mowing provider or lawn mowing company. Request a no-obligation and free lawn mowing quote today and have lawn mowing companies compete for your job. You'll get a timely response from one or more local lawn mowing companies or contractors who will bid for your job. Don't waste your time searching through the phone book or doing internet searches just to end up leaving messages at most companies. Submit a simple and quick form and we'll do the rest

Nickys Seeds and Garden games
Purveyor of quality seeds worldwide of all your favourite, rare and unusual seeds, Garden Sundries and Garden Games


Hello, Great Site!

I represent Earth Forums at http://www.earthforums.com - discussions about efficient living, environmental concerns, and alternative energy. I have added your link at http://www.earthforums.com/links.shtml

Rick Papaleo

Earth Forums

Earth Forums
Go to Earth Forums


Thank You....

Farmers almanac - a source for gardening information and a newsletter


Bountiful Gardens - untreated, open-pollinated organic seeds, heirloom tree seeds, information on biointensive gardening

Seeds of Change - the original and largest 100% organic seed company.
Our mission is to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable organic agriculture.
We offer many heirloom, traditional, medicinal and original seed varieties, plus tools,
books, posters and other garden and cooking products.

The Natural Gardening Company - the oldest certified nursery in the united states, vegetable, herb and flower seeds, beneficial insects, and more!

Johnny's Selected Seeds - Since our beginning in 1973 Johnny's has served
organic growers, both professional and amateur. We continue to carefully strengthen
our range of organic seeds, as well as fertilizers and pesticides permitted by
the USDA's National Organic Program for use in organic production.


Organic Gardening: - special needs resources that enhance the quality and
enjoyment of family life.

Planet Natural - source for organic fertilizers, organic seeds, beneficial inscects,
biological controls, weed control, and much more.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply - We carry everything you need to grow organically: organic gardening supplies



site:  Healthy Earth | Garden Care

Description: Keep It Simple, Inc. Compost Tea Brewers and Composts

url: http://www.simplici-tea.com



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