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invisible Gardeners does organic lawns
Invisible Gardener in Malibu Ca, and Southern California does organic native lawns too! Use 50% less water!

Local Organic and Natural Nutritional Spraying and Fertilization Services

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The Invisible Gardener is also  available for talks, workshops and other appearances.

andys organic spraying service

here is a pic of my organic sprayer

Local Services 
Provided by
 The Invisible Gardener
In Malibu and Southern California Area.

100% Organic and Natural Spraying Services

A regular Organic and Natural Nutritional spraying of your property provides the mineral and the nutrition needed for a pest-free healthy environment. We provide microbes that are needed by the soil and plants. We basically put a source of minerals along with micro-organisims and let the micros go at it. The poop of the microbes is the food for the plants!

We bring your property back to Life!

Cost depends on size of property. Call to see if you are in my service area. For a House call. Cost is $125 per hour plus travel time if outside my normal service area. Includes life time membership.

since 1972!

310-457-4438 in local Malibu area

or if outside Malibu call


150 miles radius if outside this area call me and we can talk!

Natural Pest Control Services
We provide both Training, Consultation and Gardener training. Training Treatments are done on a per hour (min. 1 hr.) bases and each cost plus materials is worked out with the customer to meet their budgets. Ant\Snail\Flea control will require a regular pest maintenance program. While we are not a pest control company, we can do limited natural pest control if it involves trees or any plants on your property. Wre do not go inside your house other then to explain to you what you need to do inside.

We provide the following services all 100% Organic and Natural:

1. Natural Ant Control if related to our tree treatment or garden treatment or whole property care.

2. Natural Pest Control We treat for all pests naturally by insuring healthy soil and healthy plants.

3. Natural Misting Systems for Fly and or Mosquito Control for Horses, Pets as well as for Humans.

4. Water Management system. We can help you save up to 75% of your water/ water bills.

5. Natural Lawn Care . Have a weed free, grub free natural lawn at a low cost. Save on fertilizer bills, save on watering bills (natural lawns require less water. less fertilizers). save on health cost (you will have healthier family, pets ).

6. Natural Rose Care. Natural Pest and Disease Control for Roses.

7. Natural Tree Care We are an Organic and Natural Arborist.

8. Natural Disease Control

9. We built Organic Vegetable Gardens

10. 100% Organic/Natural Nutritional Spraying service!

11. Remineralization services ask us

Speaking Services

Andy speaks at corporations around the world on subjects ranging from natural ant control, natural  tree care, how to have a safe clean environment, healthy pets. Andy helps motivate his listeners into becoming active and how to take control of these chemical issues. His fees are agreed upon at a per talk plus travel expenses. If you are interested in having Andy come to your next corporate/club meeting click here to get started or call the office

Natural Tree Care Services

We can help treat your sick trees naturally! We can control Bark Beetles, Borers, etc, and many diseases as well. Cost  start at  $200 per tree  for treatments to start, a min. of 4 treatments per tree  is required (a series of 4 treatments is initially needed). Several series of treatments may be required with a regular monthly or weekly visits suggested for maintaining healthy trees. Consultation is provided free to Club IG members via website and phone and radio.

Consultation Services


are available for the home gardener, professional, farmer etc free to members. Consultations are over the Internet, phone, as well as in person. If I have to come to you, I include travel time and other costs. Cost is $125 per hour plus $50 per hour travel time. Membership is included with house call.

Lab testing

services are available upon request. A written report is available at additional cost. We also use radionics and refractometers.

Whole Property Management and Restoration Services
 Regaining a healthy property is an important first step in controlling diseases and pests on your property as well as in getting your trees back in shape. The basic plan is simple and that is that we will  set you up with a definite time frame (6 months to 1 year ) and specific goals that we will accomplish during that time.

Some examples are:

1. Remineralization of property
2. Applications of Rock Dust and Compost as needed
3. Applications of Mulch
4. Weekly Natural Tree Treatments as needed
5. Natural and Organic Nutritional Spraying of entire property as needed.
6. Natural Pest Control Treatments as needed.
7. Natural and Organic Fruit Tree Restoration
8. Natural Lawn Restoration
9. Water Management
10. Natural Misting Systems


Have a school that needs my help? Its Free of course! Want a workshop at your school? How about a visit from the Invisible Gardener to your school or club? Its Always free.


 Membership in Club IG is required to be eligible for services and consultations and s included with house call.

For more information or to set up a house call

Happy Growing Organically of course!

Andrew Lopez

The Invisible Gardener

Invisible Gardener Inc

Thank you,

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Andy Lopez - The Invisible Gardener is listed in the Yearbook of Experts at www.expertclick.com

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