How to use SuperSeaweed & Rock Dust Blend

Primordial Soup

Organic Gardening depends on having a living soil. The process of assimilation, adsorption and growth in a living system is dependent on bacteria. Bacteria forms the key corner stone for the organic process to happen. I learned early on in my childhood training (my mother and grand mother were both master organic gardeners and taught me all about bacteria!) that bacteria is a very useful tool in Organic Gardening; from compost tea to producing the various biodynamic sprays . My products are all 100% from Organic/Natural Sources.

These are all Biodynamic formulas developed by The Invisible Gardener:
SuperSeaweed Microbiological Activator ™
Rock Dust Special Blend™


SuperSeaweed Microbiological Activator ™

An invention of mine, is a result of many years of experimentation and assimilation of my mothers knowledge as well as from my own experiences as a gardener. I like to call SuperSeaweed a “micro-biological activator”. In simple terms, it is a special blend of five different types of deep ocean seaweed, chosen for its purity and for its special bacteria  Here is a list of the microorganisms and beneficial fungi: I add to make all of my Superseaweed line of products:  Bacillus and Paenibavillus Bacteria, Streptomycetes Actinomycetes, and Psuedomanas,  Azotobacter, Endomycorrhiza: Glomus intradices, G. aggretaum, G. mosseae; Ectomycorrhizal fungi: Pisolthus tinctorius, Rhizopogon villosulus, R. luteolus, R. amylopogon, R. fulvigleba, 8 species of trichodermia fungi and 16 species of endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi. Each seaweed, being from a different part of the world, contains its own special bacteria and its own special minerals as well. Blending these different liquid seaweed's produces a complete bacterial and mineral ‘soup’. To this mixture I have added5 different types of rock dust, which increases mineral content such as calcium, iron, etc. I also add  Nitron A-35r™, Agri-Gro Calcium and Willard Water™.  I use various sources of calcium: rock dust, calcium crbonate, calcium-25.
Use 1 teaspoon up to 1 oz per gallon for most plants, the bigger the plant the more you can give up to 1 oz per gallon per week. 1/4 oz equals 1 tablespoon.
Add the SuperSeaweed Micro either teaspoon or tablespoon, in every watering depending on what cycle the plants are on.

SuperSeaweed is not a fertilizer but acts as a ‘vitamin pill’. SuperSeaweed also helps to promote needed bacteria and enzymes when used with every watering. SuperSeaweed allows the soil and plants biological systems to begin to work. Plants and soil require composting and applications of mulch to insure a complete and balanced system. Great for healthy vegetables! Use with every watering for best results. When used will increase size of budding materia. You will need to use less of your organic fertilizer while making the fertilizer produce twice as much!.

SuperSeaweed to make em Grow

This is for all for all of your plants during their growth stages. Plants like roses, fruit trees, indoor plants will love it! Use 1 teaspoon per gallon up to 1 oz per gallon depending on the plants and their sizes and their needs. Start at 1 teaspoon a week per gallon water and see what happens. Give em a month. If no result, increase to 1 oz per gallon. Excellent for vegetables too! You can use up to 1 oz per gallon for heavy feeders. Make sure you also add a natural fertilizer to this mix. You will need less of the fertilizer so start with rec amount then reduce as needed. Superseaweed is a foiliar apllication and is meant to be applied via the leaves.

 SuperSeaweed to make em Bloom

When using SuperSeaweed to make flowers bloom more, increase to 1 oz per gallon esp for heavy feeders like tomatoes, orchids, etc, per gal is required for regular feeding. SuperSeaweed for Bloom is a special organic blend that encourages your plants to Bloom more and have larger buds and flowers and bigger vegetables especialy when used with a good organic bloom fertilizer, so dont forget to always add 1 teaspoon/tablespoon SuperSeaweed Micro along with your organic fertilizer.

RX for Sick Plants

SuperSeaweed Micro Activator is an excellent Rx for sick plants. Use 1 oz per gallon water to start with the organic fertilizer. This will give your plants a boost and help them along in the recovery. Allow a month or two for results. Then reduce to regular feedings as needed (to one tablespoon). Repot soil if needed. SuperSeaweed is a special organic blend which helps your plants produce a higher nitrogen level for increased plant growth. Add to your organic fertilizer for best results.

are excellent for fruit trees, roses and vegetables. Use 1 oz to start, per gallon, add to sprayer and spray on leaves for fast results! SuperSeaweed is an excellent foliar feeder for your roses! Use 1 oz to start  per gallon, add to sprayer and sprayer  for bloom yields. Then reduce to one tablespoon or as low as 1 teaspoon per gallon as needed.

Use SuperSeaweed Activator
on sick trees! Use 2 oz per gallon Activator, add to sprayer and spray leaves on trees. Spray weekly for a month. Trees take longer to respond. Soak with SuperSeaweed Activator around base of trees at 4 oz per gallon. Pour into tree vents. See Tree vents on website. Natural Tree Care Dept. SuperSeaweed works with inline feeding systems as well as with hydroponics systems. To increase effectiveness add 1 teaspoon molasses per gallon. Use Bloom organic fertilizer on trees if they flower to produce fruit.

Works great on orchids! Most any flowering plant will do well with regular additions of SuperSeaweed  Grow during start growing season, to its water. All SuperSeaweed's acts as a wetting agent. This allows liquids used in fungus control to work better and should be added to all fungus sprays. SuperSeaweed Micro was invented by myself in 1972 while I attended school at the University of Florida located in Gainesville Florida. It was made to be used in conjunction with your fertilizer and it will reduce the amounts needed.   Use the SuperSeaweed to make em grow to get your plants started at 1 oz per gallon to make em flower more!
Dont forget to always add the SuperSeaweed Micro to every watering.

Your Roses will love this too ! Give em 1 oz per gallon to start then as they grow, along with their regular organic fertilizer and you can then reduce to one tablespoon per quart per week along with the correct fertilizer amounts.

Invisible Gardener's Own Rock Dust

A special blend of rock dust from diffeent parts of the world along with activated with all the beneficial bacteria, enzymes and minerals as all of  my products are. Use 1 teaspoon per gallon (for all plants along with the micro) water if pouring into soil or add a small amount (1 oz )into panty hose, add to 5 gallons water, for spraying, or added to soil, along with the above. This blend is made specificaly to be aded to water and used along with the micro, Pour around base of plants . Especially good for potted plants.

Happy Growing
Organically of course!
Andrew Lopez
The Invisible Gardener


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