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A Few Points about Raised Beds



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  •  Raised beds allow you to grow from 4 to 7 times more food in  the  same area then in theground. Raised beds allow you greater control over watering costs, pests (from gophers to ants),   and crops (especially extending harvest periods). Raised beds allow you greater control of the soil being used.

  •         Raised Beds are easy to make and you can recycle (re-use) various materials in making the beds. You can use rocks, wood (untreated, unpainted of course), tree logs, bricks. You can use bottles to make the sides of your raised beds. Stick upside down in ground.

    You can use clay on the inside to mold and hold them together or you can use sand and pack it in or use rope to tie them together. The idea has a lot of potential for re-using glass around the home. Untreated Redwood makes good wood for raised beds.

    A good size for a raised bed is 10 ft long by 5 ft wide by 12 inches tall by 2 in thick. This size is big enough to feed a family of 4. Pine, Fir , Oak and almost any kind of strong wood is all right as long as it is untreated.

    Never use Rail Road ties that have been treated. This is very bad for your health as well as being bad for the garden (it kills the soil and the food).


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