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    baking soda  Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea (caffeine) can kill many insects on contact depending on the strength. If you plan on using coffee/tea as a repellent or as a pesticide, then you must use it as strong as possible.

Tea vs. Coffee
While Tea leaves contain much more caffeine than the same amount of coffee leaves or beans, it is easier to find a higher concentrate of caffeine with coffee then tea. So if you want to use caffeine in your garden as a pesticide make it as strong as possible.

However when you are looking for a concentrate, you will not find anything as concentrated as Cold Coffee Brew.

  • When used as a barrier use coffee grinds see coffee and snails
  • when used as a spray use Cold Brew Coffee - see below


    is absorbed by insects and will kill many of them and repel those it doesnt kill. The stronger the better. It will also kill beneficials so becare with its use.

    FYI Caffeine in

    The higher the caffeine the stronger will be its effects on the insects etc.

    So here so other sources of caffeine available on the market today. Please note that these may not be organic even tho it is being sold as a food.So read the ingredients for yourself and decide if it has any thing in it that you dont want on your organic plants and vegetables.

  • Looking through the list of caffeine products on the market, I found this.....

  • cold coffee brew

    Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee is an extremely concentrated coffee beverage that has been cold brewed for 16 hours.

  • this cold brew coffee concentrate is availble from Amazon.
  • Cool Brew® Fresh Coffee Concentrate -

    Here is the highest Caffeine product on the market that I have found.

    Blast Caffeine

    Blast Powder - 300mg Pure Caffeine Powder

    For Pest Control

    Spray only on plants that are being effected by insects or animals etc. Also use the coffee grounds as a physical barrier layed around the plant. Will kill beneficial but they will recover very fast after a spraying with caffeine.

    For Disease Control

    By controlling insects that spread disease, you control the disease. Coffee is also a acificier and most diseases require an alkline environment.

    Coffee not caffeine will raise the Brix level making it no longer food for insects....

    See BRIX

see also Invisible Gardeners Special Rock Dust Blend to help raise the Brix level

See also Superseawed Brix

Andy Lopez

Invisible Gardener

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