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baking soda


      Coffee Cream and Sugar


For preventing or controlling fungus diseases by raising the Brix levels of plants. Coffee also kills many insects on contact.


  • Used to raise the Brix level for a short period of time allowing the plants to absorb more nutrients and minerals.

  • Organic Coffee

    Coffee provides for a acidic environment. This allows plants to absorb the nutrients more easily. Also allows for a better bacterial environment. Organic Coffee is also rich in iron and other minerals.
    The caffeine is absorbed by insects and will kill many of them but it will certain repel them also. Coffee when applied to the soil will help to reduce pH and thus reduce diseases. Use only organic coffee because, well for starters coffee is one of the most sprayed with chemicals next to cotton! Figure it out.


    Milk is rich in Calcium which plants need. Calcium allows for better absorption of other trace minerals. Milk is also a great bacterial spray.


    An important process in photosynthes
    is, plants will use this form of sugar and absorb it thru their leaves, immediately raising the plants sugar and Brix level. I use molasses since it too is rich in iron and other minerals.

    this formula

  1. 1 gallon coffee water. you can either make it just for this use by making a batch of a gallon of hot water to which you add 1/4 cup coffee ground, which has been placed into a panty hose to filter it so you don't clog your sprayer.

  2. 1 cup milk

  3. 1 cup liquid seaweed

  4. or 1 tablespoon Superseaweed (raises Brix)or any other natural fertilizer mix

    See BRIX


    see also Invisible Gardeners Special Rock Dust Blend to help raise the Brix level


Andy Lopez

Invisible Gardener

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