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Water, water everywhere .

Water is a very important part of your garden, right? So why are you having a hard time with it? There are several things that you should know about watering your garden:

Keep water below ground when ever possible:

  1. too much water is no good.

  2. not enough water is no good.

  3. bad water is no good. Bad Water? if chemicals have been added , its bad.

  4. rain water is best, soloarized is better.

  5. water only when plants need it.

  6. control overhead watering, use a drip system when ever possible.

  7. water helps spread diseases when it goes up into the air so keep it below ground.

  8. water at right regular bases at a regular time. Plants will depend on it.

  9. Keep water below ground. Use a soaker system.

  10. add a garden water filter to clean up the water........

Rainshow'r GG-2010 Water Garden Filter System

rain shower garden filter

Any questions?
Andy Lopez

Invisible Gardener


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