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garlic plants

garlicControlling Diseases and Pests in your Garden

Garlic Sprays


  • Has been used for centuries as a fungal and pest control. Garlic can be made into an extract and sprayed. Add a dash of natural soap to increase effectiveness.

  • Garlic can also be grown around the plants. The natural aroma will provide for a fungus/pest free environment. This is mainly due to the garlic being absorbed into the plant. Controls dee, rabbits other animals.

  • A good Garlic Spray formula
    Either crush garlic or buy crushed garlic or get Garlic Barrier. Get at least 1 tablespoon crushed garlic oil per every quart water you are using. Place 8 oz crushed garlic into a panty hose, place inside water. Or use garlic flavored oil or buy pure garlic oil from drug store.  Add 5 tablespoons Dr Bronners Soap. Allow to sit over night. Try using Garlic Barrier, or Mosquito Barrier (stronger) a ready made garlic concentrate......

  • Mosquito Barrier stronger then garlic barrier

    Mosquito Barrier 2000 Liquid Spray, 1 Gallongarlic barrier


note about using garlic and roses


if you plan on using garlic on your roses, they will smell of garlic! Is that good or bad?

First off the garlic smell wont last but a day or two (homemade using the garlic barrier or Mosquito guard, the garlic smell can last up t a week!). Secondly, you dont have to actually spray the roses but the area around them if you just want to keep something off them.

But, I too would rather smell the roses so I keep the garlic spraying on my roses to a min level and only spay garlic wen needed.


However, spraying garlic on vegetables is great!


Spraying Garlic on fruit trees can be great or not depending on your preference. Again, thegarlic smell will go away so not pick the fruit that you just sprayed with garlic, only for a day to go by.

Note about Insects and Garlic

Garlic will many many types of insects on garlic. Will also kill scales.



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