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Welcome to The Invisible Gardener's Garden Manure Tea/Spray

  • solar compost tea

    Manure Tea being made in sun.


    Manure tea is not a special tea that people drink, but rather a liquid that is made from manure. The best way to make manure tea is to place a cup of aged manure into a panty hose and tie into a ball. This will act like a tea bag and when hung in water it will spread into the water. The thing to do is to tie the age manure ball onto a stick and drop into a gallon (or larger) container of water. Glass bottles make the best manure tea. Colored glass like wine or beer or ? will also make good manure tea containers as they absorb the suns energy. The container should be placed in the sun. The length of time depends on what you are using it for. Like photo above with several different types of manure tea going.

    The info below tells you the length of time to make manure tea and the purpose to use it for.

        1 hr...............Normal manure tea spray good for bacterial sprays, mineral sprays. will help to prevent diseases on most plants and trees. Should have no odor.

       4 hrs..............a stronger mixture, excellent for controlling most bacterial diseases. Works great on roses, most flowers and trees.

      24 hrs.............a powerful mixture for controlling rust diseases, blight diseases, also repels most insects especially ants.

      48 hrs............This is good for very bad fungus related diseases . Should not smell bad, but should be strong smelling.

    You can increase effectiveness of the above mixture by adding one or more of the following combinations (depending on use):

    Soap will increase effectiveness as a wetting agent.
    Use any natural soap for this purpose. Only add enough to wet the water. Try 5 tablespoons per gallon water

    Rock Dust can be added to this mix to ncrease mineral levels.

    Filtered Water

    Important note: when making aged manure tea it is more effective if you use filtered water instead of city water (which has chlorine which kills bacteria). If you don't have a filter use spring water or solarized water.

    Solarized water can be made by placing water into a large glass container (allows the most sun light to contact the liquid) but a large bucket will do. Allow to sit for a day or two, turning every few hours.





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