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Rock Dust Tea Sprays

       Rock Dust Tea

  • Rock Dust has very large amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium as well many minerals which make it a quick energy boast to plants and increasing the beneficial bacteria count in the soil.

    Raises the Brix levels.

    See Low Brix Alert

    Rock dust can be added to filtered water and turned into a milky liquid and sprayed or used as dust. I suggest adding a dash of natural soap along with a dash of seaweed. A dash would be 1 tablespoon of powdered seaweed or 1 ounce of liquid seaweed per gallon of filtered water.
    Here are some formula's for making and using Rock Dust as a spray for disease control

      I suggest you try Invisible Gardeners Rock Dust/ Brix Blend

  1.          How to make Rock Dust Tea

    Rock Dust milk is made by placing a cup of your favorite rock dust into a panty hose, tying into a ball and placing into a container of cleaned water such as rain water or by using river water or filtered water. 1 cup of rock dust powder will make around 5 gallons of rock dust tea. so place 1 cup of rock dust  for every 5 gallons of water, into a panty hose , tie with a string into a ball and allow the ball to sit in the water. Add 1 cup molasses per gallon water,  and allow to sit in sun. The length of time in sun determines the strength of the tea!

    Try using my special Rock dust Blend to Raise the Brix.

  2. Length of time to allow to sit:
    ...24 hrs for normal use
    2...48 hrs for bad Fungual diseases

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rock dust ebook

Rock Dust Ebook only $2


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