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  • Using tobacco for natural pest control is as old as farming itself. I suppose that farming came first then tobacco growing but it is also possible that wild tobacco was use first before farming started.

  •      Here are some formula's for using tobacco for pest/disease control and preventative sprays....

red man chewing tobaccoTobacco Water:


  1. To control basic types of pests when they first appear.
    In 1 gallon clean water free of chemicals. Add 1 package regular  store bought chewing tobacco (like Redman chewing which also has molasses) into a panty hose and tie into a tea bag.


  2. Hang into the water.

  3. Add 1/2 cup liquid seaweed or any other natural liquid seaweed
    or add 2 tablespoons of my SuperSeaweed concentrate.
    Allow to sit for 1 hour.

  4. Spray plants in early am and late afternoon.
    Spray when bugs are present.

  5. Tobacco can be used straight to prevent most diseases from spreading. Just bury at base of plant. Must be done every 3 or 4 months as needed. Best for plants like Hibiscus, Any plant that is being attacked by bugs. etc. Do it as often as needed. Do not use on fruit , vegetables.

  6. You can increase its effectiveness by mixing in a small amount of crushed garlic to the tobacco water. You do this when you first make the water,  just add the crushed garlic to the tobacco into the panty hose.

  7. Tobacco Water can be mixed with natural soap to increase effectiveness. Just add 1 tablespoon Dr Bronners Soap to every quart of tobacco water you use.

  8. Tobacco Water can be added to oil to increase effectiveness (under wet conditions). Just add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil or dormant oil or garlic oil or any type of natural oil to every gallon tobacco water.

  9. Best mixture of tobacco water to use is 1 cup tobacco water for every 10 cups water if you do not want to use it straight. You will find that you do not need to use it as strong after a while. Find the weakest mixture that works.

  10. Best mixture ratio of oil to tobacco water is 1 oz oil to every gallon tobacco water.

  11. Best mix ratio of natural soap to tobacco water  is 1 tablespoon natural soap to every gallon tobacco water.

  12. Important....Wear protective clothing when spraying any tobacco water since it will be absorbed into your skin. Do not over spray. Spray only those plants effected. If possible, bury the tobacco instead. Do not use if chemically sentitive or pregnant.

    This information has been brought to you as a public service, all copyright laws apply. If you need help please think about joining to get the help you need from me, the Invisible Gardener. Or think about listening to my radio shows.

    andy lopez

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last  updated March 10, 2013

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